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220 - Let's Talk Email Newsletters
July 19, 2018
ChurchMag Senior Staff Writer and ChurchMag Newsletter extraordinaire Chris Wilson joins us this week and talks email newsletters. While MailChimp is our favorite, the concepts we discuss can be found with any email marketing service worth using. If you enjoy this podcast, be sure to check out these additional resources: Church Email Made Awesome: MailChimp SegmentsChurch Email Made Awesome: 10 Super Simple Subject LinesMailChimp: Weekly Email Tips for Churches6 Ways to Use Email for Digital Discipleship, and a more recent podcast on the topic, Church Email Pet Peeves and the Power of MailChimp [Podcast #209], and finally a little fun: Email in Real Life [Video]. Does your church use a service like MailChimp for emailing the church? If not, what do they use? Would you like to learn more about this? Let us know! Message us on Twitter  @ChurchMag using #cmagcast, send us an email at, or tell us here -- you can even send us a voice or video message that we'll share on an upcoming podcast.
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