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194 - Riddle Me This: What About Low Bandwidth?
January 19, 2018

194 - Riddle Me This: What About Low Bandwidth?

Phil is back on the podcast!?! We not only welcome him back, but we also answer a question submitted by John Wilkerson regarding bandwidth. If you have sermon audio being listened to overseas, should you require a lower bit rate version for mobile downloads? Is it worth the while? Is it just those downloading media overseas? There are several things to consider, but the bottom line is simple. Take a listen and join the fun! Send us a message @ChurchMag using #cmagcast, send us an email, or submit your own question here -- and you can find John's podcasts on iTunes: The Wired Homeschool and 10 the Podcast (listen to Eric in the 5/30/2015 episode).
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